Miraval Studios

Miraval Studios is located in the beautiful red-rock country near Sedona Arizona.  Owner, operator, artist, and image visionary, George Miraval, has been creating beautiful Native American artwork for over 30 years. His artwork is available as original artwork, as digital Giclee prints on quality archival paper or canvas, and soon to be on T-Shirts and other items.

Comments from George Miraval
The high definition-21st century visionary art comes from my aim to explore those regions of my micro-bioloical and macro cosmic consciouness thru Native American myth imagery, icons, and story telling.

My process involves story talking my dreams thru the use of alternative native fables, kachinas and color medicine. The vision painting takes many months to create.  To create the very rich colors I have to repaint the entire painting many times over.

The color and detail vocabulary is the emanation of my illuminatory meditations and dreaming visions.  All painting are originally hand painted using only the highest quality materials. The digital prints are done on high quality fade resistant paper that shows the rich detail and color brilliance of my images.

Each image tells its own unique story. I hope you enjoy them.